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They say that variety is the spice of life right? Well then My Barn Child (or “MBC”) has that spice mix down solidly. Just when you think they had thought of everything, there’s yet another suprose waiting – and it’s a good one.

We’re all for sassy and stylish tees that let you rock your inner equestrian (or pony kid) in and out of the saddle, and MBC delivers with their latest line of pony tees for teens, tweens, adults and just about everyone who wants to rock their inner sassy pony rider on their sleeve.

The tee we rocked for this review is the “More Ponies” in Black, with white font. The shirt itself reads:

More Love
Less Hate
More Peace
Less war
More Ponies
More Ponies

… and we definitely agree. The world could always use more ponies. But that’s not the only thing this shirt has going for it, so check out my review below.


The shirts are made of a cotton knit so they are really quite soft and comfortable. I wore mine all day with a sweater (as it is winter now) and had no issues.

The shirt washed up well with no issues, and the print is intact with no cracks, which is always a bonus. I will note though that I wash most of my clothing on a gentle and/or casual cycle and don’t dry anything – so can’t attest how they hold up in tougher cycles and/or the dryer (and with everything, over time and enough wear garments will show their use and often print will show some cracking). Though being 100% cotton I would anticipate that if you do toss it in the dryer – there is going to be some shrinking happening.

According to the MBC site, their shirts are form-fitting fine jersey that are made in the USA. They should also hold size and colour after multiple washes.


These shirts come in a range of sizes that will fit kids, teens, and adults.  It is important to note that they do run on the smaller side so if you like your shirts roomier size up (the MBC site cautions that if you like them roomy – go up 2 sizes). I typically wear a Small / Medium depending on the company – the MBC tee I’m wearing in the picture on the right is a small. It fits well, but definitely shows that it is a form fitting t-shirt. I typically do go for roomier shirts so would size up in the future.

Outside of that, the shirt fits like any standard shirt does. It’s got good length, so if you like your shirts to hang a bit longer you won’t have any issues. The fit is consistent throughout the shirt, and so there’s no real tight spots or bunching / riding that happens on the sides or with the sleeves.


The possibilities are almost endless, if “More Ponies” isn’t your particular style choice, there are pages of other options to choose from. Some are just cute and quirky, and others down right hilarious.

Some of my personal favourites from the site include:

  • As seen on #FAILFRIDAY
  • All the ponies. All. of. them.
  • Shh … I’m trying to unicorn.

And because it’s December …

  • Santa owes me a pony

Shirts also come in a range of both shirt and font colours, so there is more than likely something to meet your tastes and particular style needs.


The MBC tees are $39.95 USD. For a unique and comfortable tee from a small brand, this is a decent price when you compare to similar style products currently on the market. For example, Phyllis Stein tees are around $42.00 CAD (approx. $31 USD), Equestrianista tees are $35 USD, and 20×60 tees are $35 – $40. So that puts MBC about even with the pack.

You can find out more about MBC t-shirts and their range of other apparel and accessories by visiting their site. You can also check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

What the world needs … is definitely more ponies | MBC Tee Review
If you are looking to channel your inner pony rider or simply represent the equestrian lifestyle (in and out of the tack), these tees are definitely for you. From downright sassy to just plain cute there is something for everyone, from kids, to teens and tweens, and adults. Just make sure to size up if you like your shirts roomier.
Style Options
  • Comfortable soft material
  • Range of style options
  • Comparable market price
  • Fit Small, so size up (1 or 2) if you like a larger fit
4.8Overall Score

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