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Stacy Bromley Cheetham, MPA

13266074_1405096992849256_8231157935650247129_nI joined Sucker Nation about three years ago. What’s Sucker Nation, you ask? Well, it is a sort of Saddle-Pad Hoarders Club, because after you own one of these pads, you find out that one is just simply not enough. For owner Tracey Bidwell, SuckerPads is a labor of love that operates very nimbly – she travels frequently for horse shows, and the business never misses a beat. The name, SuckerPads, came from the seersucker fabric that she used in some of her initial designs and, of course, you can still choose today. Seersucker is a printed cotton or synthetic fabric that has a surface consisting of puckered and flat sections, typically in a striped pattern.  SuckerPads has a website, but the best place to reach the owner and see designs in action is on the Facebook page.

There are a lot of great things about these saddle pads:

  1. They are completely customizable. Completely. Fabric, style, you name it and she can probably design it.
  2. They dry faster than any saddle pad or baby pad I use. This is due to the thinner, quilted fabric she uses.
  3. You stand out, in a good way, and get so many compliments.
  4. Tracey is a design whiz, and can help you put colors and fabrics together.
  5. The prices are extremely reasonable for custom products.
  6. She also offers hair bows, saddle covers, and dog bandanas, all of which are – you guessed it – customizable!

SuckerPads come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and price points from $45-$65 base price. The latest addition to the line-up is the “cush pad,” which is an option offered on most of the styles. The cush offers the client the option to add some double-thick padding to the back/spine area, similar to a built in half-pad. She currently offers English Contour, Dressage, Western, Sidesaddle, and Pony styles with embroidery options ($10 and up.) Also recently released were a brand-new zipper pocket option, running $15 for a pocket.

I spoke to a number of other members of Sucker Nation, and the responses were overwhelming. One customer said that she loves SuckerPads at her barn because her lesson students adore them. She said they have so much fun selecting a different one each ride! She also likes them because they are soft on the horses’ backs, but sturdy enough to stand up to washing. Above all, people rave about the customer service and personalization that each client receives. Each pad is a unique work of art, and it keeps owners coming back for a new pad again and again.

All photos featured supplied by author.

stacycAbout the Author:

Stacy Bromley Cheetham, MPA grew up riding horses. She currently resides in Raleigh, NC with her boyfriend, her two rescue Pomeranians, an ornery calico cat, and is working with a promising young OTTB, Indelible (Hanna No Sir) who came from the Track to Tranquility race rehoming program. She is a fundraiser for a local nonprofit and is the Silent Auction Chair for Duke Jump for the Children, an AA 4* rated horse show benefiting Duke Children’s Hospital.




What is a SuckerPad?! A Custom Saddle Pad Review
With endless options for styles, colors, add-ons and even bling, there is really nothing bad to say about these saddle pads. The design is made to stay put and not shift during riding, they dry quickly, wash well, and with a price point well below most custom options, you can order two or three and not feel guilty!
Variety of Options
Quality of Products
  • Endless Options & wear, wash, and fit great
  • Designer/owner is a creative genius
  • Price is great
  • So many fabric options!
  • Turnaround time can sometimes be lengthy (especially at holidays) but if you tell her it is a rush she will work with you
  • Everyone will stop you to ask you about your pads
5.0Overall Score

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