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If you’re looking for an accessory that satisfies your inner fashionista, while also shouting your equestrian passion to the world at large, then Tucker Tweed’s line of fabulous fine leather accessories are just for you.

tt camden crossbody

The Tucker Tweed Camden Crossbody

These luxury handbags come in four distinct collections: the Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Foxhunting, and Signature series. Each collection sports a range of handbags as well as stylish iPad covers, suitable to every taste and need. The discipline specific nature of each collection allows consumers the ability to not only share their passion for the equestrian sport in general through the way they accessorize, but allow them to bond with others over their mutual love of the sport.

All Tucker Tweed accessories are remarkable in their quality and style. Handbags are available in a variety of colour options, and come with a cream satin (logo) dust cover. Clear and distinct images, representing each of the selected disciplines, serve as the centerpiece of each bag. All bags sport a lovely cream satin logo interior, and possess a variety of pockets for all your accessories.

tt lexington interior

The Tucker Tweed Lexington, Interior

Personally I’m a big fan of the contrasting colours available on some of the handbags; it really makes the circular embossed images really pop, drawing the eye to that big focal point. The Tweed Manor Tote and Camden Crossbody both have the option for the two colour leather option, with Ivory/Black and Ivory/Chestnut as the choices. The leather of the bag is ivory in colour, with the central logo, edges (piping), and straps in either chestnut or black. It’s all topped off with silver hardware and a pebble grain leather texture. The Camden Crossbody handbag sports particularly lovely silver Egg Butt snaffle hardware, bringing even more equestrian chic to an already amazing bag.

ttsigmanor tote

The Tucker Tweed Signature Manor Tote

If you’re indecisive, like myself, and can’t decide just which discipline you’d like to sport on your shoulder on a daily basis, you can always go for the Tucker Tweed Signature Collection. Boasting the distinctive Tucker Tweed logo, featuring two horse heads within the iconic ‘T’ of Tucker Tweed, you can share your love of equestrian sport without being discipline specific.

Regardless of the style of bag, or the discipline you choose, all Tucker Tweed products embody luxury and fashion, and provide a way for all equestrians to share their passion and dedication to their sport.

Tucker Tweed handbags and accessories can be purchased online or from a variety of local stockists.

Online: http://www.tuckertweed.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/TuckerTweedEquestrian
Twitter: @TuckerTweed1

tt logo

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