We feature a lot of great equestrian brands here on our site, but what about all those great local tack stores that help you find that perfect item, discover new brands, and just provide a great overall atmosphere and community environment? While the big name tack stores may get all the press, there are a lot of great small tack stores out there that deserve some recognition.

So we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite tack stores, and thought we’d share them with you. Some of them are new to the field, some of them are old hat, but all of them sell some great equestrian products, have a great atmosphere, and are just plain awesome in our books.

Willow Equestrian

This classy equestrian boutique is relatively new shop but one that has quickly cemented itself as a favourite, for both its product offerings and its great community environment. Its one of those great stores that brings the tack shop close to the city, is easy to get to, and carries all the best equestrian brands. We’ve heard a lot of great things about this tack shop, and its on our must visit list for the next time we are in Guelph (editor’s note: oh how I wish this tack shop was there when I went to Uni in Guelph!). While we haven’t had a chance to visit it in person, we’ve heard some amazing things about it from friends who have paid a visit, and that’s why we think you should also check it out. Willow Equestrian also now offers online shopping, just in case  you can’t get there in person.

Location: Gordon Street, Guelph, ON (Canada)
Our Favourite brands they carry: Asmar Equestrian, Phyllis Stein Equestrian, My Barn Child, Sock it to Me, Le Fash
Website: http://willowequestrian.com/

The Tack Shoppe of Collingwood

The Tack Shoppe of Collingwood (TSOC) is one  you really can’t miss. Not only is the bright yellow façade hard to pass up, its quaint country look is just super inviting. The inside of the store is massive, with walls and shelves stocked with a wide range of products. The store is totally classy, and on our last visit the staff was incredibly friendly. They helped us find what we were looking for, provided some tips on cool things to try, and processed our purchase quickly and efficiently. Just a short drive from Collingwood itself, this is a tack shop you will definitely want to visit, whether you are local to the area or just visiting! (editors note: it is really easy to find, even if you don’t know the area. I made a point to stop in for the first time on a trip to Blue Mountain in Collingwood last summer, and had no issues locating it). TSOC also offers online shopping, in case you can’t get there in person.

Location: County Rd 124, Nottawa, ON (Canada)
Our favourite brands they carry: Struck Apparel, Kastel Denmark, Ecolicious Equestrian, Spiced Equestrian, Neue Schule
Website: http://www.thetackshoppe.com/

ThePampered Equine - WebadThe Pampered Equine

This little tack store, based out of the Durham region is a new addition to the tack shop scene, but the range of products they offer is quickly growing, and their convenient location (we won’t lie … we love that they are close to home) is a huge plus. The Pampered Equine offers a mobile unit for shows and other events, and the store front is open by appointment. They also have a easy to navigate website, making it really easy to shop online. We haven’t had a chance to visit their store in person yet, but we’ve had some great success shopping online with them (editor’s note: I placed an order with them a few months back, loved the easy and quick site shopping and check out, quick shipping, and adorable packaging).

Location: Cochrane Street, Whitby, ON (Canada)
Our favourite brands they carry: Luv Inspired Jewels, Ecolicious Equestrian, BR Boots and Polos, My Barn Child, Hansen Equestrian
Website: http://thepamperedequine.com/

Filly In the City

This Toronto area tack store just opened last month (December 2014), but we think it shows some serious promise. Not only does it bring all the awesome qualities of a great tack shop super close to the big city, but it carries some of the top brands in equestrian lifestyle and fashion wear. We haven’t yet had a chance to visit the store in person, but its definitely on our must do list. We’ve totally been drooling over all the great product pictures they’ve been posting on social media.

Location: Davenport Road, Toronto, ON (Canada)
Our favourite brands they carry: De La Coeur bonnets, Hansen Equestrian, Black Knight, KEP Riding Helmets, GhoDho Equestrian
Website: http://www.fillyinthecity.com/

Peterborough Tac

This little tack store has been around for some time, and really holds a special place in our heart. Not only do they offer a great range of horse and rider products, but their customer service is fabulous (super friendly and helpful). Peterborough tack has always carried some great products, and is always improving their stock, with additions of some of the hottest equestrian brands (like My Barn Child and Phyllis Stein). One of the few local tack stores we know of in the area, this store is a must visit if you are in the area!

Location: Landsdown Street W., Peterborough, ON (Canada)
Our favourite brands they carry: My Barn Child, Phyllis Stein Equestrian, Tuscanny Breeches, Horseware Ireland, Ariat
Website: http://www.peterboroughtack.com/

(editor’s note: We’d also like to thank Peterborough tack for being one of our very first supporters, way back when we started in 2012)

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Small tack shops are great places to find the things you love, and discover new things altogether. These are some of our top favourites, but don’t be afraid to search the net, or simply go for a drive and look for them. There’s bound to be some great little shops in your area you are sure to love, just waiting to be discovered.

**All photos and logos in this post are © their respected owners and are used for information purposes only.

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