The Countdown is On! T-Minus 5 days to 2016 Royal Season

lola-royal-countdown-1The countdown is officially on, and some pony is seriously ready for her second annual debut at the Royal Winter Fair. That’s right, digital pony correspondent Lola is back and she’s taking over with her top picks for what you need to see and do at the Royal. Keep an eye out for us during the latter portion of the Fair week, as we (and Lola) will be covering events and will be sharing our adventures on social media as we have in previous years. Plus, stay tuned for daily recaps and fun features on our site, and of course our RAWF 2016 special in our upcoming November issue. But now it’s time to turn it over to Lola to share her pre-Royal season thoughts ….


It’s time to celebrate and prepare for the marathon of excitement that will be the annual 2016 Royal Winter Fair. This pony is excited to make new friends, see the sites, and of course make a visit to her homeland. In honour of my second year covering the Royal (and the fact that we are only 5 days away) here are my top 5 must see and dos at the fair:

5. Lions, and tigers, and bears … oh my! Ok, not really, but there are cows, and goats, and sheep, and chickens, and rabbits, and more. Ponies are of course the best part of the fair (yes, I may be a bit biased), but when you need a pony break (or when your friends and/or significant other needs a pony break, because honestly why would you need a pony break?!?) there are tons of other great exhibitors showing their livestock you can check out and maybe learn something new! (I want to meet some sheep … I feel like me a sheep would get along well)

4. Giant vegetables … okay it kinda falls into #5 above (in that there are more things than, *gasp* ponies, at the fair) but it’s awesome enough to require its own category. As a pony who likes her vegetables, ones that are three times my size kinda get my attention. If you don’t believe me, just wait I’ll get pictures!

3. The Royal Horse Show – all the horse competition you could ever want. They have eventing, and dressage, and jumping, and hunters, and fun exhibitions each day of the fair. Plus, I wouldn’t be a good digital pony correspondent if I didn’t rep the the show I spend the majority of my time covering! Keep an out out for my social media takeovers during the fair as I get behind the camera to take some cool riders shots, check the course, tabulate the scores, and have fun with some awesome riders and fair attendees!

2. EAT. Ponies love snacks … and snacks of all kinds can be found at the fair. Last year I tried an apple blossom (mmm … apples …), this year who knows what fine cuisine I’ll get my hands (er … hooves) on!

1. Shopping, shopping, and of course more shopping. The RAWF is every person (and ponies) dream space for all your equine shopping needs. Find your ponies favourite snacks, get them some new brushes, gear, bling – you name it you can likely find it at a Royal vendor booth. Bonus: the vendors are also pretty cool people to talk to and supporting small and local businesses (which you’ll find at the fair) is also fun.

So get ready, because the Royal (and this sock pony) is about to hit Toronto and I’m counting down (and am sure you are too!). Now I’m off to get ready –  because a pony needs to look her best at the fair and there’s only a few days left to prepare …

So much to do at the fair ... a pony's got to have the proper wardrobe in order!

So much to do at the fair … a pony’s got to have the proper wardrobe in order!

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