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Most people are familiar with box subscription services. Whether it’s makeup, underwear, or children’s toys, there’s a box for everyone. Finding boxes for Canadian Equestrians used to be a via the USA sort of situation. Then the Canadian owned and operated Pony Express Girls (PEG) started offering box subscriptions to us Northern riders.

The Eloquent Equine has reviewed the PEG box service before, so imagine my surprise when they asked if I’d be interested in reviewing one of their summer boxed offerings. What self-respecting equestrian could possibly refuse?

The opinions expressed in these reviews are my own, and as honest as possible to help you, the consumer, make an informed decision about products and services you may be interested in. I was not paid for this review, but was given the box free of charge.

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Shipping across Canada, Pony Express Girls deliver a range of horse and rider goodies right to your door on a monthly basis. It’s a chance to try new items, learn about new brands, and just get a regular monthly surprise of fun stuff!

Products in each monthly box can include treats, grooming products, health care items, special items for riders, and new to market equestrian products. A majority of the products included in the boxes are Canadian made, which is also pretty great.

PEG boxes aren’t just for ponies either! PEG boxes are designed to deliver a range of quality products for all horses, ponies, and riders, regardless of discipline.



The “Here Comes the Sun!” included:

– Equine Wellness Magazine, June Issue
– Horse Quencher, single serving sample
– Rider Sleves
– Winky Wash ‘n’ Under Stuff, 4 oz bottle
– Tail Tamer Shammy
– Stud Muffins with Customized Tops, 4 pcs

The items come in a basic cardboard box, wrapped in tissue paper and a branded sticker. A notecard explaining the theme and items is tucked along to give you a better idea of what you’ve received. The card details why PEG thinks you’ll like the product, where it’s been sourced from, and the retail value. This is a nice, quick way to figure out where to find more of something you really liked and how much you can expect it to cost you.


There was a nice combination of items for horse and rider here. There was a focus on both the inside and outside of the horse, not to mention the body and mind of the rider. From the very practical to the simply indulgent, there’s something here for everyone.



Equine Wellness Magazine is one of the magazines I’ve had on my radar for a while. Something I’ve been wanting to read, but wasn’t sure about forking over the subscription service without really knowing about the content. Going through it, I was pretty pleased PEG included it, because it helped me decide. It’s a well written magazine, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to switch their equine over to a full natural lifestyle. Personally, I like the idea of mixing traditional and natural therapies together, so it was a bit of a mixed bag to me.





QuencherThe Horse Quencher is awesome because it’s not actually an electrolyte mix, as I’d initially assumed. It’s a water flavourer to encourage drinking in stressful situations like off-site shows, trailering etc. I love this idea, as it can be such a panic to have a horse on a hot day refusing to drink unfamiliar water. Looking forward to using this one at my first opportunity.







SleavesWhen I pulled the Rider Sleeves out of the box I literally yelled, “Hooray!” out loud. This is one item that I’ve been meaning to grab for over a year, but somehow could never remember in the cool air conditioned tack shop. I’m hoping it will save my skin from exposure for the rest of this hot/hot summer and prevent my ridiculous rider tan in the years to come.




WashI’m a bit weary of using a lot of different washing fluids on animals. I’ve read so much lately about humans causing infections and a rise of bad bacteria by overusing soap on our animals. So I probably researched Winky Wash ‘n’ Under Stuff a lot more than I would otherwise. I was pleased to see that the majority of the ingredients were natural oils. The main active ingredient is Chlorhexidine, which is used in everything from sanitizing umbilical cords to adding cleaning power to mouthwash. Encouraged, I followed the directions, used the included Tail Tamer Shammy (which has it’s own review below), and cleaned Star’s udders, dock, and inner gluteal area. I had to use very little product and found that quite a bit of black flake and grime came off on the sham. Star had no issues while enduring the process and had no visible reactions in the days after. I can’t speak for sheath cleaning, but for my purposes, it worked great!


ShammyTail Tamer Shammy is a thick, almost felt-like towel. I’m familiar with these as I already use them on my animals. They soak up and hold water better than your standard cotton terry, and I find they have a lot better scrubbing power and durability than most microfiber towels. I used the Tail Tamer Shammy for cleaning some of Star’s dirtiest areas, and a simple rinse and fold meant I wasn’t cross contaminating her or myself.




Stud MuffinsI think most riders are familiar with Stud Muffins. I don’t feed treats and I was still well aware of them. What I didn’t realize, was you could order Stud Muffins with customized tops. As a marketer and graphic designer, I’ll be the first person to tell you how important and powerful a brand is. It keeps you in sight and in mind. To offer this fully edible branding option is genius. I could see it also making a neat holiday gift for all your barn buddies, if you’re into the creative yourself.



CloThe box also included a small lollipop that my 2-year-old quickly absconded with. She certainly was all smiles about it, so you won’t hear any complaints from me!










The “Here Comes the Sun!” PEG box gave a good mix of horse and rider products that didn’t cater to one equestrian discipline over another. Everything made sense and had a purpose, and there was nothing in the box that I wasn’t willing to try out.

Beyond that, the customer service PEG provided was really above expectations. I was set to review a box right as the possible Canada Post strike/lockout was happening, and the people at PEG not only marked my box as “unessential” (It wasn’t, as someone who’d paid for a subscription should 100% get their box before me.), they also worked to ensure that I did get a box but with an alternate carrier method. Every time I contacted them, they were knowledgeable, upbeat and helpful. That’s a huge selling point in my book.

The classic year subscription retails for $35 CDN/month. If you’d rather not commit to a full year, you have a 6-month option at $37 CDN/month or a 3-month option at $38.50/month. Any of these options is vastly cheaper than purchasing the individual items yourself.

They also offer single boxes for purchase at varying amounts based on the theme of the box and items enclosed. And for you crazy sock collectors (you know who you are) they have a monthly Sox Box that starts at 14.99/month. If you want both, they have a combo of the two that will start you at $48.50.

If you contact their excellent customer service directly, they also offer custom box options for a special gift or group of equestrians as well.

Highly recommended for any equestrian who loves trying new things almost as much as they love a good ride.

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Also, if you’re on social media, be sure to check Pony Express Girls out and give them a like/follow! You can find them on Facebook (Pony Express Girls), Twitter (@PEGboxes), and Instagram (PonyExpressGirls).

If you are interested in learning more or ordering a box for yourself, check out their website: ponyexpressgirls.ca

Sunny Surprises | Pony Express Girls
Between the range of offerings and level of customer service, it’s hard to have much bad to say about PEG. The fact that they are Canadian is simply icing on the cake. Check out their range of options and you’re sure to find a box that works for your budget and needs.
  • Quality Products
  • Try before you buy
  • Some Higher Price Points
  • Some Products May Not Be Applicable
4.7Overall Score

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