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SSG_LogoNo one likes sore and injured hands, and when you spend enough time in the saddle (or at the barn) this is entirely a possibility. Your hands see a lot of wear and tear, either as a result of constant contact with leather reins and other equipment, or from everyday farm chores, so keeping your hands in good working order with a pair of good gloves is essential.

While there are a wide range of styles and brands out there, I’ve long been a fan of the SSG® brand of riding gloves. Not only do they offer a wide variety of styles for all disciplines and work types, but they are constantly coming up with new and unique styles of gloves to protect your precious hands. Prices vary by style, but typically sit around the $30/40 dollar mark, and while it may appear steep to some, I personally have had nothing but success with this brand.

SSG Hybrid in Black

I will be the first to admit that I am hard on my hands, and my riding gloves typically take a beating. Despite extensive wear and tear, I usually only replace my SSG gloves once a year, and even then they are still in decent working order. While I have found that some styles do hold up better than others, only once or twice have I actually had a pair tear, and I have used this brand of glove for over 6 years. This stands as testament to the quality of the product.

The SSG® Hybrid™ is a new glove style that I have absolutely fallen in love with. Not only are they stylish, but they have a wonderful fit, are extremely comfortable, and seem to be holding up well to rigorous wear. They come in three colours; black, white, and brown/tan and have a very classy look. These gloves boast a combination of genuine cabretta and synthetic leather, with an aquasuede palm for optimal grip. They are lightweight and flexible, and boast great breathability. I’ve worn these gloves in high humidity/heat and not felt like my hands were super sweaty or sticky. I’m eager to see how perform in the winter months.

SSG Hybrid in Brown/Tan

I’m particularly fond of the brown/tan combination (which I own); with the black accents, and the silver SSG horse head logo on the Velcro flap, these gloves are likely the most stylish ones I’ve ever owned. I particularly love the feel of these gloves, the leather back is extremely soft and when combined with the suede palm you get a glove that is extremely comfortable to wear. They are not bulky like some glove brands, and thus do not interfere with my riding at all.

The SSG website states that the Hybrid™ is the best of both worlds, “Appearance & Grip”, and I have to agree. They are both fashionable, and functional, a combination that really can’t be beat.

To learn more about the SSG® Hybrid™ and where to purchase them, visit the SSG website.



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    After discovering these gloves a few years ago, they are the only ones I prefer wearing. So comfortable, I love the light brown color, and the mesh webbing gives the gloves an amazing feel. I LOVE the Hybrids.


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