The Royal, like Christmas, comes but once a year and sadly Royal season has officially passed. It was another great season, packed full of thrills, the occasional spill, and so much equestrian awesomeness.

But have no fear, while we all sit pining for Royal season 2014, our coverage is not over yet. Our jam packed Royal 2013 Special Edition is going to be a exquisite sensory experience, packed with pictures and info from events at the fair, interviews from competitors, and links to awesome audio visual content. Look for it on a computer nearest you late next week.

In other news, we’d like to welcome Allyson to The Eloquent Equine team. She’s going to be managing our social media from now on, so look forward to her posts!

To make things even more exciting, our December Fashion and Product Spectacular is now in the works, and will feature some of the equestrian products/brands you know and love, and even some you may have never come across before.

We will be accepting submissions for the December issue up to DECEMBER 6th, if you’d like to submit a review of one of your favourite products, or some original equestrian artwork you would like featured, feel free to email us.

Product reviews should be no more than 750 words in length, include a link to the product being reviewed, the name of the company that produces the product, and its average retail price.

If you are a local equestrian business who would like to place an advertisement in the upcoming issue, make sure you drop us an email at

Note: Make sure to check our Special Offers page for current advertising offers.

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