It’s Wednesday! Which means its only 1 full day before the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair opens on Friday! To continue our countdown to the fair, here’s:

60 Reasons We Love the Royal (& think you should too!)

  1. It’s the Royal … what’s not to love?
  2. Where city meets country
  3. Horses, horses, and more horses
  4. Giant Vegetables
  5. Amazing food (like Rosti!)
  6. All the best tack stores – in one place
  7. The Superdogs
  8. Canine Equine Challenges – Super riders and Super Dogs
  9. The Horse Palace
  10. Fudge!
  11. The Big Ben Challenge
  12. Hickstead FEI World Cup Grand Prix
  13. Rodeo!
  14. And CBC Heartland’s Amber Marshall (at the Rodeo!)
  15. Breed Showcases
  16. Cows, and chickens, and sheep … oh my!
  17. Art … carved from butter
  18. Equimania! – Equine education made fun!
  19. Heavy Horses
  20. Black Tie evenings
  21. Time spent with friends doing horsey things
  22. Been running since 1922 – and still going strong
  23. Prime location – easy to access
  24. Top equestrian competitors from across the globe
  25. Green Meadows Classes – a picture back in time
  26. Petting Zoo! (you’re never too old for that right?)
  27. Hunter Derbies!
  28. Breed Exhibitions
  29. Royal Chef Challenges
  30. Dressage!
  31. So many great memories – it’s a tradition
  32. Governor General’s Cup
  33. Family Friendly
  34. It’s like Christmas in November (only without as much cold or snow!)
  35. Great exhibitions (Guy Mclean, Dressage in the Dark, and so many others over the years)
  36. So MUCH Variety (it’s the spice of life is it not?) – fun for all audiences
  37. Apple dumplings!
  38. Pony Races! Pin jockey’s in colourful silks racing at speed around a track on pint sized ponies (& making their Canadian debut in 2014)
  39. Every aspect of the Royal Horse Show
  40. Eventing … indoors!
  41. Free weekday matinee shows in the Ricoh – even more horsey awesome for one low entry price
  42. Scotiabank Ring of Excellence competitions for farm animals – cows, goats, rabbits … and so much more
  43. A chance to taste, sample, and buy so many great products from small businesses and farmers from across Ontario
  44. Knowledge! (its power you know) – The Royal has great opportunities to learn about farming, food, and healthy eating (with recipes and other helpful tips)
  45. The aMAZEing food journey – hands on and interactive lesson about your food from farm to table
  46. Great competitions for riders of all levels an ages – from young riders to seasoned Olympians
  47. Royal international invitational chef challenge – culinary arts at its finest
  48. President’s Choice Animal Theatre – showcasing and celebrating working animals
  49. Rabbit jumping!
  50. Jack Russell Races
  51. Horses … have we mentioned those yet? Cause horses … <3
  52. Mounted pony games
  53. Goats on the GO!
  54. This year you can get tickets from GO train stations … making ticket purchasing even easier (if it wasn’t super easy enough as it is … now you have no excuse not to go!)
  55. You can watch horse shows ON DEMAND … just in case you can’t be there in person!
  56. Fine dining at great restaurants in the grounds – including the Tanbark Club and the Royal Court Yard
  57. The hitching ring – grab a meal and watch your favourite riders warm up for competition
  58. The Bit & Bridle Pub … the Royal’s best kept secret (best grilled cheese ever!!) – hidden away in the second story of the horse palace, this laid back eatery is a great place to get a bite to eat … an potentially spot one of your favourite riders as well
  59. Horses! (yes … we’ve mentioned them … but there are so many, so they deserve to be mentioned again)
  60. It’s the Royal – what’s not to love?


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