Hi everyone! I’d like to introduce you to Max. He was my guide last Sunday when I went on a hack with the Cardiff University Equestrian Club at Ogmore Farm Riding Centre. Even though it was a little rainy (Max and I are very soggy in this photo),  it was truly a great day. I’ve been on this hack twice now and I’ve loved the experience both times. All the horses are well cared for and well-behaved (for the most part). They all have great personalities which is really lovely to see. This does mean however that for the experienced riders, you may discover a few ‘quirks’ along the way, nothing serious of course but it does keep the ride entertaining! Max for example, preferred jogging to the ‘boring’ walk. It made filming the hack a little challenging at times but really, how can you argue with that face?

ogmore castleThe landscape around Ogmore-by-Sea is absolutely breathtaking and the two-hour trek allows you to see and experience everything that South Wales has to offer. The hack begins literally outside the grounds of Ogmore Castle before the horses cross over the River Ewenny and the  Ogmore River; a word of warning to those on ponies, this river can get rather deep at times, prepare to get your toes wet! After a quick dip, the track then opens up and the riders get to take in the scenic views as you head towards the beach.

For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of riding along a beach and thanks to Ogmore Farm Riding Centre and Cardiff University Equestrian Club, I’ve been able to do this twice now. It is a massive adrenaline rush to have the horses open up and race along the sand.  Poor Max though, he was completely left behind when the group took off, his little legs couldn’t go fast enough for him!

After the beach, the hack meanders through steep sand dunes and riders are treated to a beautiful panoramic view of the sea. I would strongly recommend going for the last ride of the day, if the Welsh weather is kind, you can be treated to a truly gorgeous sunset. Once you catch your breath (and a few photos) of the view below, riders are treated to one last canter as the track gradually winds into a forest and returns the group before the  Ogmore River.

I tried my best to get some video footage of the ride to show just how beautiful the area really is. My little camera doesn’t quite capture all the colours but I think Max’s gorgeous mane features exceptionally well in the short film! The clip is a little shaky at times, but hopefully my hand will get steadier with some practice.  Also, a massive thank you to Sam Billmore for writing the music for the video.

You can check out the beach hack from this link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YL0CMdKfjA


Enjoy everyone!

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