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So today I have finally finished editing my short video from a hack that I filmed in early April…and yes I am the ultimate procrastinator! This time Cardiff University Equestrian Club took us to the Grange Trekking Centre in Abergavenny and we were able to take part in a two hour hack that allowed us to ‘become one’ with the breathtaking mountain view.

As the hack took place in early April, the Grange had literally just re-opened from their winter break. The mountains are too harsh for the horses in the winter so the Grange allows all their horses to stay at farms in nearby villages to wait out the long  winter nights. I thought this was a great idea as it allows all their horses a few months of holiday a year. Our group was one of the first this season and you could tell the horses were happy to be back! As the snow had only just melted, the footing was too slippery to do a lot of cantering, but the short bursts that we were able to do were most definitely high speed to say the least!

hack 6

The facility itself is extremely friendly and we were able to groom and tack up our horses before our ride which is a really lovely touch. All the horses were really sweet as well and they all had lovely personalities. I was given a little mare called Ruby who even though  blind in one eye, was super responsive and a very enjoyable ride.

The hack is absolutely breathtaking. I’ve never experienced mountain riding before and I was amazed at how eerie it is to ride through low hanging clouds. The mountains themselves had a sort of perfect silence about them and for most of the hack everyone seemed lost in their own little worlds. The view from the top is amazing. It was too cloudy for us to have a clear view but we were told that on a sunny day you can see seven different counties; the Wye Valley, Breacon Beacons, Holy Mountains, Herefordshire Plain, Golden Valley and the Vale of Ewyas and it is even possible to catch a glimpse of the Bristol Channel which is about 60 miles away!

I did my best to capture the sheer beauty of this ride on my little camera. Even though I’m afraid that I wasn’t able to capture any of footage from our gallops (I was afraid for my poor camera)  the slower pace allows for a more scenic view.

You can check out the video of the hack from the following link-

Thanks everyone! Have a great day everyone!

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