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Olivia Inglis was a 17 yr. old bright and experienced eventer from Austrialia. A young rider taken by a tragic accident in March while riding in a champion event. She was crushed to death when her horse tripped and fell during a jump.


#RideForOlivia reminds us all too much of the risks we take each time we choose to ride.

Watching from the sidelines, as a coach or parent is a sobering reminder when our children fall and get hurt, that their chosen sport bears real clear and present dangers.

We know our sport is dangerous, any sport is. But we can choose to take every precaution; ride within your means and know your safety protocols. Choose to wear a helmet, be conscious of your surroundings and act responsibly.

As equestrians there is so much passion for this sport and the incredible bonds between horses and fellow equestrians. When we lose any rider in any discipline we are saddened and reminded how careful we must be.

How can you show your support?

Olivia Inglis

Olivia Inglis


The tremendous outpouring from the horse community has helped to lighten our hearts.

We can show our support and respect by staying vigilant and honoring her enthusiasm and passion for horses and competition.

Editor’s Note:

The images posted across social media, and tagged #RideforOlivia, were presented to the Inglis family at Olivia’s memorial service on March 14th, 2016. The finished piece, made up of an untold number of images, is a touching memorial to Olivia and her horse Coriolanus.

PC | Twitter - @TimJThwaites

PC | Twitter – @TimJThwaites

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