Protect your Head!

It’s officially August, summer is in full swing, and it also happens to be International Helmet Awareness Day! What is this day you ask, well for those who may not know, here’s the facts:

Started in 2010 by Lyndsey White and Chad Mendell, the Riders4Helmets International Helmet Awareness Day campaign seeks to educate equestrians of all disciplines and levels on the importance of helmet safety; from the choice to wear a helmet, how to properly fit one, and when to replace them. Each year Riders4Helmets teams up with top helmet manufacturers to offer special discounts on a wide range of helmets. Retailers across the world, from the U.S and Canada, to the U.K, Australia, the Netherlands and more, have joined the cause to help promote helmet safety in equestrian sport.

We strongly believe in the importance of riding helmets, and having taken a few hits to the head in our time can speak from experience about how they really do save lives. So to show our support, we’ve got a brand new HoofNotes infographic devoted to giving you the facts, and debunking some of the myths, around helmet safety.

So Go Ahead – Protect Your Head!

HFN IG 8 IHAD 2015

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