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Our *NEW* Feature showcasing local tack shops you know and love, and some you may have never known of before!

They carry all of our favourite brands, they’re like the old school general store, but for equestrians. Your every shopping need, all in one convenient location.

We love the little local tack shops that help us (and our horses) keep in style, gives us access to great products, supports our communities, and provides a great location for like-minded people to hang out. Community building and great shopping, who could ever ask for more?

We want to celebrate tack shops and tack shop owners with a regular feature all about them! Spread your brand, and let our readers know where you are and why your store is great.

Submitting your store is easy …

Either drop us an email at theeloquentequine@gmail.com with the following information:

  • Your Name (owner)
  • Your Email
  • The Name of your store
  • Website (if you have one)
  • Location (City/Country)
  • Information about your tack shop (Max 1000 words)
  • Ideas for what to include:  Product lines you carry, how you got started / a bit about you as an owner, why your store is awesome
  • Photos of your store (optional)


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