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In anticipation of our upcoming 2014 Christmas Gift Guide, launching later this week, we picked the brains of some of our team to see what their favourite brands and products are.

Here are their top picks.


Kingsland EquestrianKLCorp_SILVER

I LOVE their clothing, it always fits will and the clothes are really stylish. I’m never embarrassed to wear their clothes to Uni or around town before a riding lesson. Their clothes seem to last forever as well.


Being a dressage rider, my feet and legs are naturally long and thin. It was always difficult to find riding boots that fit properly and didn’t flap about when I was growing up. Ariat is literally the only brand I can use.


tslogoThe Tailored Sportsman Breeches

A staple in every “common equestrian’s” riding wardrobe. And for good reason- they are SO comfortable!

Essex Classics Show Shirt

A godsend for summer showing, made of dry-fit like material with mesh vents running down the arms. Definitely saved me from heatstroke at those sweltering summer shows!

5/A Baker Down Vest

It’s no secret that Baker products are the best, and this is no exception. The warmest, most comfortable vest you’ll ever wear! (It comes in a jacket too!)


Point 2 Air Jacketspoint2logo

These are a piece of safety equipment that I feel every rider looking to go eventing should invest in


I adore their footwear! I have a pair of their Weathered Brown Ladies Yuma Deck Shoes and I wear them every day without fail! They are just so comfortable, and work with so many different outfits, be it with jodhpurs, jeans, shorts, or even smart work trousers!


A variety of their natural supplements are a part of all my horses’ daily diet and keep them all in tip top condition.

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