Lynda Culley, PT MSc

Lynda was educated in UK and has practiced physiotherapy since 1982. During the years of practice she has used physiotherapy to treat horses and used horses to treat movement disorders of human patients (hippotherapy). Hippotherapy involves careful assessment of the patient’s needs and matching the patient to the horse (size and movement to achieve the optimum treatment effect). This involves understanding horse confirmation and movement and the biomechanics of the patient (rider) in response to the movement of the horse.

During treatment sessions the therapist follows the horse and rider combination carefully assessing the physical response to the movement and adjusting the horse movement as required. A session may involve change of pace, lengthening or shortening stride length, one two or three track movement, backing up, halt /walk on and long lining to achieve maximum treatment benefits. During her time providing hippotherapy services Lynda developed a keen interest in helping competitive and recreational riders to develop better posture or seat during riding, thus assisting the horse rider combination to produce a more balanced partnership.


Stephanie Jensen, EC Level 2 Coach & GP Dressage Rider

Photo | L. Todd

For Stephanie Jensen, the riding ‘bug’ took a hold at a very young age and has never let go. Now an accomplished FEI Dressage rider and certified EC Level 2 Dressage Coach, when not competing in the show ring she operates her own business, Stephanie Jensen Equestrian (SJE).

Stephanie was part of the Ontario young rider team in 1996 & 1997 with her horse Marzano, who she trained and debuted in the Grand Prix in 2004. She ranked in the top 20 at the last Pan Am trials with her homebred gelding, SJE Addiction, who she currently shows at the Grand Prix level. She is currently coming off a successful 2013 show season, with highlights including SJE Addiction’s debut at Dressage at Devon. She’s now got her sights sent on the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto.

When not competing, Stephanie is an active member of the local Dressage community, and takes pride in coaching and inspiring grassroots riders to achieve their equestrian dreams, whatever they may be. Her targeted and detailed approach to training aims to inspire riders to be confident in their own riding, while pushing them to achieve excellence both in and out of the saddle.

Located in Blackstock [CAN], SJE offers high quality coaching for riders of all levels in disciplines, from the serious competitor to the rider just looking to refine their skills. She also offers a range of high quality sales horses, which can be viewed by visiting her website:


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