As social media feeds everywhere start to fill up with everyone’s “year in review”, we thought it only fitting that as we steadily crawl closer to 2016 that we take a look back at some of the great things 2015 had to offer. We’re incredibly proud of this little ship, and of all the equestrians who have volunteered their time over the year to inspire our readers and share their stories. So we thought it only fitting to look back and count down our favourite features and stories from 2015, here’s to great tales, great achievements, and great things ahead in 2016!


Guest blogger, turned regular feature blogger, Christine has graced the site with some great posts in the latter portion of the year about her return to the saddle, training her horse Star, and the general realities of riding as you get older. She’s got some great insight into the everyday realities many of us older riders face, and it’s always great to read stories that remind us that we are not alone in our challenges and struggles in this sport. While we encourage you to check out all her posts on our site so far, we highly recommend her very first post to the site, First in Fifteen. As a runner up (though it was hard to narrow it down), we also highly recommend No Fear.

2015-09-20 Braids What better place to be than looking at the world between a horse's ears?

First in Fifteen

No Fear

As a runner up to favorite post, or more accurately, most fun to write post of the year, we have to give some honorary mention to Lola and the first edition of #SockPonyAdventures. We had a lot of fun running around the Royal in typical crazy horse person fashion with Lola, getting photos of the action from Lola’s point of view. This post also happens to be one of the favorites on our site, so we thought it only fair we add it to the list as well.

lola (1) lolascorner

#SockPonyAdventures – An Origin Story

If you want to keep up with Lola’s daily adventures, or review some of her previous antics,
be sure to check her very own page here on the site.


Issue No. 10 – Making it as a Professional Equestrian (and RAWF 2015 feature)

Our most recent full issue marked a big change in the type of content we usually present, and it meant a lot to us. Like most magazines, we usually present a mix of training articles, general interest pieces, and interviews with equestrians or equestrian professionals. While this issue did feature some of the typical fair, we’re still really proud to have been able to share the stories of everyday equestrians.

Special thanks to Jesse Cassidy-Skof, Nicole Jaswal, and Joyce Cameron for sharing their stories and letting readers get a peak into their lives!




This year marked the inaugural year of our featured rider ambassador program, and we were thrilled to welcome to great young riders to the team to share their goals, dreams, and progress in the equestrian world.

In Issue No. 7 we officially introduced Sophie and Jamie as featured riders for 2015, and we followed their progress across several updates here on the site throughout the year. We followed them both through competition, changing disciplines, changing horses, and the efforts of balancing regular life with the equestrian activities.

Want to read more about our 2015 featured riders — check out their series of updates right here on our site by clicking here.

IMG_1761 1

While we’re making some changes to the featured rider program to make it even better before re-launching for 2016, we want to say thank you to Sophie and Jamie for participating and for sharing their progress in competition, their goals, and their advice. Be sure to follow them both on Instagram and Twitter to get more updates as they progress in the equestrian world (p.s. you can find more information about them on our Featured Rider team page, or by clicking here)


This past summer offered a great opportunity for Canadian equestrians to see the best of their sport on home soil as the 2015 Pan American Games came to Toronto (and the greater Toronto Area). We were lucky enough to have one of our regular photographers on site for many of the events, and she snapped some great photos which can be seen on our site, and in Issue No. 9. So of course our top pick for our favorite photo of 2015 comes from Linda’s coverage of Pan Am 2015 at the Calendon Equestrian Park.

Team Canada wins gold in the showjumping competition @ Caledon Equestrian Park

Team Canada wins gold in the showjumping competition @ Caledon Equestrian Park

Francisco Calvelo (URU) riding Noir de la Muralla

Francisco Calvelo (URU) riding Noir de la Muralla

Okay, maybe we fibbed a little bit. We had a hard time narrowing it down to just one, so there is two. Our first pick, well you can’t fault us for that one, cause it’s great to see when the home team (Go, Canada, Go!) gets a place at the posdium (yes, we admit we are a little biased in that regard). The second photo is from the cross country phase of the Pan Am 2015 Eventing competition, and we loved it simple because its an up close and personal look at the action. From the rider’s look of concentration to the visible spray from the jump, its just a great reflection of the passion and athleticism riders have. Special thanks to Linda Todd for all her great Pan Am games photos, and the many others she’s contributed to many of our issues over the year!


Aside from the introduction of our mascot Lola at the 2015 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, the most entertaining piece we’ve worked on this year (IMHO) is the the second episode of The Donte & Ollie Show web series. This episode was not only hilarious to film (Donte is such a good sport), but the laughs continued through the editing phase as we re-watched all the footage and tried to pull it together into an entertaining short. And of course we couldn’t have done it without the help of Stephanie Jensen Equestrian!

In case you missed it, here’s the original video (good for a laugh or two we hope)!

You can also find the original post here.

Finally, to all our readers out there, thanks for reading!

Wishing everyone the best in 2016!


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