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Equestrian subscription boxes have been growing in popularity recently, especially in the United States. These services are a great way to test out a range of products and learn about some new equestrian brands you may not have heard about.

We recently connected with a new up and coming Canadian company, Pony Express Girls (PEG), offering subscription box options for equestrians and were thrilled when they offered to let us review their product.

We won’t lie, we love supporting small businesses trying to make their mark in this competitive industry, and wish PEG the best as it continues to grow and develop.

The opinions expressed in these reviews are our own, and we try to be as honest as possible to help you, the consumer, make an informed decision about products and services you may be interested in. That being said, here are our thoughts:


Logo copy 2Shipping across Canada, Pony Express Girls deliver a range of horse and rider goodies right to your door on a monthly basis. It’s a chance to try new items, learn about new brands, and just get a regular monthly surprise of fun stuff!

Products in each monthly box can include treats, grooming products, health care items, special items for riders, and new to market equestrian products. A majority of the products included in the boxes are Canadian made, which is also pretty great.

PEG boxes aren’t just for ponies either! PEG boxes are designed to deliver a range of quality products for all horses, ponies, and riders, regardless of discipline.


In the “Best in Show” box we received for review there were a range of great products for horse and rider to enjoy. This specific box included:

  • A 1 kg bag of Purina Apple Chunks Treats
  • A pair of cashmere boot socks with horses on them
  • A red horse scarf
  • A bottle of Ecolicious Equestrian Hands On Therapeutic Barn Hand Cream
  • A Silverline magic horse brush
  • A four leaf clover charm

All of which was neatly wrapped in blue tissue and sealed with a PEG sticker. We were honestly amazed at everything they managed to pack into one tiny brown cardboard box.

The little note detailing the type of box it was (Best in Show) and a list of the products included and why they were included was also great. It doesn’t seem like much, but it was an added touch that made the box unique and added a little fun and personality as well. It also helped introduce the different brands and products, and bring the whole box together as a cohesive whole. This box had a surviving winter and looking forward to spring feel to it, with rider accessories to keep you cozy (and moisturizer to combat those dreaded dry barn hands), treats to keep your horse happy and healthy, and a bit of luck by way of a four leaf clover charm (to perhaps help ward this dreaded winter off!).


This box offered a great variety of products to make horse and rider happy, and included products that any equestrian could love regardless of their discipline or whether they owned their own horse or not. The socks and scarf are great fashion accessories for the barn or day to day use, and the charm works as a great bridle/tack or clothing accessory. And really, who doesn’t love to be stocked up on horse treats, I know I’m going to be the new favourite at the barn for a while.

There was a good balance of products for horse and rider, and the products crossed a range of categories including fashion accessories, human beauty (skin care) products, horse grooming products, and horse health (food) products.



This box offered a range of quality goods and brands with solid reputations. We’ve long been a fan of Ecolicious Equestrian’s line of horse and rider products so it was great to see their hand cream in there. Purina is also a leader in equine feed products, so you can feel confident in the quality of the treats you will be feeding your horse.

Brand names aside, we also took some of the products out for a test drive to see how they really held up. The Purina apple treats and the magic brush were both big hits at the barn. The treats were quickly gobbled up by all the horses that were offered them, and some itchy and shedding horses were thrilled with the great scratch the brush offered. The brush also did a good job of holding in all that loose hair that came off the horse, especially when compared to a standard curry comb. We’ll have to wait for warmer weather to test how the brush performs on dried and caked on mud, or how it performs wet when used to shampoo during bathing.

We haven’t had a chance to field test the socks yet, but they feel nice and are super cute which has to count for something. The scarf is your standard polyester style seen in most stores, but it’s nice and soft, super long, and comfortable to wear around all day.  It works great as a fashion accessory and will help keep the cold winter wind off your neck when you have to be outside.

The four leaf clover charm is super cute and a great way to add some sparkle to your bridle or saddle, or it works great as a boot or coat zipper pull. The charm looks well-built so it will likely stand up to some wear, and we love that it came with a lobster clasp and a spilt key ring, giving you options for how to affix the charm to your tack or clothing. This is also just a great “on-trend” piece, as tack charms are super popular right now.

PRICE IMG_6739 (2)

The annual subscription (12 months) retails for $45 CDN / month which is really quite impressive for the range of goods included in the box. If you’re not ready to commit to a full year right away, they also offer 6 and 3 months options at a slightly higher cost ($42/month for 6 months, $44/month for 3 months).

If you are looking for a great gift idea PEG also offers a one-time Pony Express box for $45. If you contact them directly, they also offer custom box options for a special gift or group of equestrians as well.

While this pricing may seem steeper than some of the other subscription box options on the market, if you factor in the exchange rate, PEG is actually the more affordable option. Many existing equine monthly subscription companies are based out of the United States, so when you factor in additional shipping costs and the currency conversion (especially because the dollar conversion is not really great right now), the U.S. companies end up being a more expensive option. Plus PEG is entirely Canadian owned and operated, so you really can’t beat that (being Canadian, we’ll admit to being a bit biased).

PEG also seeks to source and provide Canadian products in their boxes, which means they are likely products/brands you can source at your local tack shop if you happen to fall in love with something you find in one of your boxes.

Considering the retail value of each of these products independently, the monthly subscription price for a Pony Express Girls box is significantly cheaper in most cases than what you would pay for each of these products individually, so it’s a great way to try new things without breaking your budget.


The “Best in Show” PEG box offered a range of great products for horse and rider, regardless of discipline. The box included a range of quality brands and items that were totally on trend with the latest equestrian “must haves” but also matched the season the box was delivered in. Everything was neatly packaged and professional looking, and the items really worked well together.

How can you not love having a fun surprise full of great goodies delivered directly to your door every month?

– – –

Also, if you’re on social media, be sure to check Pony Express Girls out and give them a like/follow! You can find them on Facebook (Pony Express Girls), Twitter (@PonyExpressGirl), and Instagram (PonyExpressGirls).

If you are interested in learning more, or ordering a box for yourself, check out their website: ponyexpressgirls.ca

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Life Always Needs More Surprises | Pony Express Girls
We were really impressed with the range and quality of products PEG offered in their box, and are sure they will continue to deliver. We hope you will check them out and help this great Canadian business thrive. We’ve totally fallen in love with this service, and really hope you do to! So be sure to check them out, and with a range of options, their sure to be something to fit your needs (and budget!).
Variety of Contents
Quality of Products
  • Quality products
  • Great Variety
  • Price can be expensive to some consumers
4.9Overall Score

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