joust 2Hey everyone! I hope you all had a fun-filled weekend. The sun made a spectacular appearance here in Cardiff which was very lucky indeed as over the weekend Cardiff Castle hosted its annual Joust!  Unfortunately I had to work through most of the events, but I was able to catch the final jousting event on Sunday which was followed by a combat display and a falconry demonstration. It was such a fascinating and entertaining afternoon, I thought I would show you some of the photos that I managed to take from the day.

The jousting demonstration was presented by The Knights of Royal England, a professional group that tour the country with their Andalusian and Lusitano geldings. Even in the mid afternoon heat it was an excellent display. The riders first warmed up their horses through some technical displays before the two teams chose their ‘best man’ to  face off in the final joust.

DSCF5676       joust 3

After the display, we were able to talk to the riders as they groomed and cooled off their horses. All of their horses are imported from Spain and Portugal as they wanted the most accurate representation of medieval jousting as possible. They perform around sixty to eighty acts per year but they told us of one particular event that they were all excited about. On July 26th and 27th at Hever Castle in Kent they will be competing against France for the title of  ‘the ultimate champions’ so if you’re interested in the sport that is something to keep your eye out for.

DSCF5697    DSCF5701

The whole performance was of course made better by the surrounding Castle and its pageantry (Game of Thrones anyone?).  Cardiff Castle is one of Cardiff’s leading heritage attractions as it dates back almost 2000 years and remains of the Roman wall can still be seen today. If you are in the area I would strongly recommend visiting the castle even when there are no special events on.

castle 2                                                               DSCF5501


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