It’s a Shower in a Bottle! | Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover®

cowboymagiclogoNo one likes spots & stains, those unpleasant grass and urine stains also seem to appear on your horse’s lovely coat at the most unfortunate of times. We’ve all had that moment, you’re all spiffed up and shiny, ready to show, and low and behold your horses has managed to find that one dirty spot in his stall and rubbed or rolled in it.

Enter Cowboy Magic’s Green Spot Remover®. It’s like Tide to go for horses. Just spray, throw in a bit of elbow grease, and the stain goes away, no bath necessary . Which, when you’re in a pinch, is a major time saver.

I’ve personally had extensive experience with this brand and have had nothing but success. Working in fast paced camp and show barns means that sometimes you need to spiff up a horse without having the time for a full on bath session. This is particularly true when working with greys, who seem to be dirt and stain magnets. I can attest to the benefits of this ‘shower in a bottle’, its great at getting out stains, especially small/medium urine and grass stains that pop up fairly regularly.

It doesn’t take much to get stains gone, just spray the area with the handy spray bottle, rub it in and then wipe it off. Repeat as necessary until voilà, no more stain. The green spot remover is handiest for small and medium stains, as when it comes to combating larger, often full body, stains (like mud and grass after your horse has rolled), it’s just easier (and faster) to give your horse a bath.

As an added plus, its allergy tested and dermatologist reviewed. Not to mention it works on all manner of stains us humans manage to achieve as well!

Its a quick fix product to get you (and your horse) looking great, and it works exactly as advertised. Available in a variety of sizes, buy a bigImage_Group-GreenSpot bottle if you’ve got a barn full of mud loving horses, or just be a stain removing ninja with their awesome spray bottle, and be sure to add it to your personal show preparation arsenal!

Cowboy Magic products are available at most tack stores. Check their website for a list of local stockists.


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