Int.-Helmet-Awareness-Day-2013 Tomorrow is Riders 4 Helmet’s International Helmet Awareness Day, and we thought we’d show our support of Protective Head Gear by sharing the news.

As all riders know, as much as we love and trust our horses, sometimes accidents do happen. We put boots and pads on our horses to protect them from injury, it only makes sense that we should also take the time to protect ourselves from potential damage. It doesn’t cost much, and with so many options available, there are helmets for every style and discipline.

We support protective head gear, do you?

More information about Riders4Helmets, as well as a list of participating retailers for 2013 International Helmet Awareness Day, can be found on the Riders4Helmets website.

You can also check out our discussion of Helmets in the Dressage ring in Special No. 2 of The Eloquent Equine.

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