So 2013 is swiftly drawing to a close. Its been a great year, full of ups and downs, thrills and chills, and even the occasional spill. We’ve been thrilled to be able to cover some great events taking place in the equestrian community here in Ontario, and to be able to feature some great brands and riders in each of our full issues.

Many thanks to all the readers, businesses, and riders who have supported us and allowed us to prosper by featuring your unique, innovative, and inspirational stories.

This year was a record one, with 5 issues produced, each covering a different topic area. From Fashion, Performance Horses, to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, we tried to take a look at the various aspects of the equestrian community. We looked behind the brand at some awesome products like My Barn Child, Phyllis Stein Equestrian, and Horscotti. We sat down with elite equestrians including Olympic Dressage Rider Diane Creech, and top riders Julie Watchorn and Stephanie Jensen.

Missed out on any of our exciting issues this year, have no fear! You can find them all by clicking here.

Its been an impressive year for equestrians the world over, and its our guess that 2014 is going to be a great one as well. It is the year of the horse after all!

We’re a year out from the 2015 Pan American Games her in Canada, there’s a ton of great equestrian competition ramping up in Florida as we speak, and another great Canadian show season is just around the corner (once all this snow melts). Its going to be another year of excitement, inspiration, and equestrian partnership. Dreams are going to be made, and obstacles conquered. We’re looking forward to being able to capture just some of the greatness and share it all with you, our readers.

So we want to wish everyone the happiest of New Year’s celebrations, and hope you all stay tuned for what’s coming in 2014!


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