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Say goodbye to boring old brown and white breeches, and hello to a bright new splash of colour to invigorate your riding wardrobe.

While many brands are jumping on the coloured breech bandwagon, few do it as well (or as brightly) as U.S based company Annie’s Equestrienne Apparel. This small family run business offers a range of colourful full seat and knee patch breeches for woman and kids, as well as a range of shirts and other accessories.

I recently picked myself up a pair of Annie’s Green Tea full seat breeches, because I really couldn’t resist that rich green colour. Now that I’ve ridden in them a few times and have a better sense of their fit and feel, I thought I’d share a review.


Photo | Annie’s USA

Firstly, the handy measurement chart on the Annie’s website was extremely helpful (and I recommend using it before picking a size). I’m all over the map in sizing for breeches, depending on the brand, so this chart was invaluable for helping to pick the perfect size. My other breech dilemma is that my body shape is a bit all over the map, so finding a “perfect” size never really happens (they are either a perfect fit in the leg and too big in the waist, or vice versa). With Annie’s I was in the same boat, so I picked the size that was a “happy medium”.

When they arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the fit, which was pretty good. I still need a belt with them (hooray for anyone who shares this dilemma … they do come with belt loops!), but otherwise they fit wonderfully. The stretchy material makes them easy to get on and off, with the added bonus that I was able to get them over leggings in the winter when it was freezing outside.

They also have a great fitted look when on, the stitching along the sides is very nice, and they have deep front pockets (bonus!). They are front zip with a button at the top, and (yes, I checked that thoroughly) they have good strong YKK zippers so they are sure to hold up to some the wear and tear breeches can be subjected too.


annnies green teaThe overall breech fabric is a great super-stretchy material. It’s super soft to the touch, and stretches in just about every direction, which makes these breeches really comfortable to ride in.

I got the full seat option, because I am a Dressage rider, and the full seat is made of a soft suede style material. It doesn’t have as much stretch in it as other breeches I’ve owned with similar material, but it’s not too bad. For the first few rides in them I found the full seat a bit tight, especially when sitting on the horse, but they have stretched out a bit and I anticipate that when I am able to ride in them without having to wear leggings underneath that this issue will be largely mitigated. The stretchy nature of the rest of the fabric does help with this problem though, and those riding in the knee patch options aren’t likely to experience the same problem.

The leg closures at the bottom are velcro, and have held up so far. I’ve had breeches with velcro closures and ones without velcro at the bottom, and don’t really have a preference either way so I can’t say too much about it. The velcro has stayed closed so far with no issue and I’ve been careful to wash them without anything fuzzy so no extra fibres get stuck in the closures.


Being a Dressage rider I like a breech that helps me “stick” into the seat of the saddle better, so when buying breeches I look pretty closely at the fabric used for the full seat portion of the pant. After a couple rides in them, I can say that Annie’s Equestrienne breeches have a decent amount of grip to help keep your butt in the saddle. They don’t perform as well in the saddle as my Cavallo breeches, but for the price point and the overall quality they work quite nicely.

Photo | Annie’s USA


I got the Green Tea breeches offered by Annie’s (which I love), but if green really isn’t your colour there are a wide range of unique and bright colours available. Or if you’re like me and just like to collect breeches, it means more colour options for later (and so much potential for great ROOTDs!). The Spring/Summer Collection also boasts two other lovely colours, lavender and papaya. And then there’s original blue, red, bright green, and orange too if any of those colours strike your fancy. Guaranteed, there’s likely to be at least one colour you can’t see yourself living without.


For $95 USD you really can’t beat the price for the quality you get. I’ve definitely paid significantly more for breeches that are not as comfortable or as fun and colourful as Annie’s breeches are. They also often have great sales or offers on their products, usually promoted through their social media, which can be a great deal. When I purchased my Green Tea breeches, as part of the promotion I got a matching long sleeve schooling shirt which is also quite nice.


– – –

If you’re on social media, you can find Annie’s Equestrienne Apparel on Facebook (Annie’s Equestrienne Apparel), Twitter (@Annies_USA), and Instagram (anniesusa).

If you are interested in learning more about the company, or purchasing a pair of breeches for yourself, check out their website: anniesusa.com


Green with Envy | Annie’s Equestrienne Apparel
It’s hard not to fall in love with the bright colours offered by Annie’s breeches, and if that wasn’t enough of a selling point, the price and quality of the material is excellent. I’ve only had a few rides in them since purchase, but I have confidence that they will hold up in the long term without issue. They’ve survived multiple washings (note: I do wash them on the gentle cycle), stain remover (I got them pretty gross – accidentally – one week), and winter riding, all without losing their vibrant colour or fit which is a positive in my books. So if you’re like me and love comfortable and colourful breeches, be sure to check this great little company out!
  • Great Fit
  • Affordable Price
  • Range of Colour Options
  • Seat material can be tight
  • Moderate "Stickability"
4.5Overall Score

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