Get Your Shop On [RAWF Shopping Guide]

While some may be drawn to the Royal for its over-sized vegetables, livestock shows, or equestrian competition; some of us go to satiate our need to shop. The convenience of multiple tack stores and brands, all on one spot, is an allure many an equestrian is likely going to be unable to avoid (unless your willpower is absolute of course). While online shopping has made it easier to get the things we love, even when we can’t reach our favorite shops in person, there’s nothing that quite beats the in-person experience of hanging with cool shop owners, seeing products in person, and (always) walking out with more than you planned on …

So if you’re looking to shop at the fair, here’s our guide to the equestrian themed shops and booths you’ll encounter. We’ve ranked them too (for easy reference), from must visit to must drool over (cause you know its way out of your price range). Enjoy, and be sure to share with us what your favorite 2015 Royal booth vendors are!

Must Visit

PC | Instagram - @Phyllis_Stein

PC | Instagram – @Phyllis_Stein

Phyllis Stein Apparel (with Animo Apparel, Booth #2306)

We were super excited to see Phyllis Stein Equestrian showcased in its own booth alongside Animo Apparel. While other vendors stock Phyllis Stein (like TSOC), its great to see a small business set up with their own booth! Debuting some awesome new tees (and a chance to get your hands on some last chance items), you’ll want to stop by if your looking for tees you can rock, in and out of the saddle. These tees are classy, sassy, and super on point — plus, like many other small business re-presenting their products and brand at the fair, the lovely lady behind PSE is super fun to chat with! For those, like us, who have been long time fans of the brand, its also nice to say an in-person high to someone you regularly tweet to!

My Barn Child (Booth #2611)

PC | Instagram - @MyBarnChild

PC | Instagram – @MyBarnChild

We’re not shy about proclaiming our love for MBC, and it’s likely no surprise they made this list. Whether you’re a long time MBC fan or not, you’ll want to swing by their booth. Even if you don’t have a bling loving pony (or pony loving girl) in your life to glam out, good luck finding another booth with such a range of fun and unique equine accessories (you should see their sock options … they have pizza socks — what’s not to love?). And if that isn’t in your wheelhouse, just stop by and say hey to some super friendly (super nice) shop owners.

Ogilvy Equestrian (Booth #2309)

Conveniently located across the aisle from MBC, Ogilvy has really diversified this year, and its great to see. Ogilvy has always had great saddle pads, and is one of the few brands that offers extensive customization options to meet all your colour coordinating needs. This year you’ll also find a range of other great products and accessories, including hats, shirts, dog collars, and more. And as always, everyone in the Ogilvy booth is also super nice!

Hansen Equestrian (Booth #1508)

I’ve been secretly in love with Hansen Equestrian’s line of unique horse and rider products for a while now. Their range of fun print patterns spice up those typically dull equestrian accessories like quarter sheets and helmet bags. While I have yet to ever actually buy anything from them, its not for lack of wanting too (it’s on the shopping list!). Their prices may be a bit higher than what you’ll pay for similar products at larger tack shops like Greenhawk, but you’ll never beat the quality and sheer passion that goes into the products produced by small business. Plus, supporting small is always the way to go!

Dreamwinds Equine Assisted Learning Centre (Booth #1812)

Okay, this isn’t really a shopping location, but its a great little booth to check out if you are interested in learning more about the growing field of equine assisted learning. Its a field making great strides, with applications across the board for equestrians and non-equestrians alike. Not to mention, the Dreamwind’s owner is just a very nice woman to talk to, and she loves what she does! So if your in the neighborhood, swing by and say hello.

One-Stop Shopping

Pleasant Ridge Saddlery (Booth #1220)

Always a massive feature at the Royal, Pleasant Ridge Saddlery really is a one stop shop for all your horse and rider needs. They’ve got a ton of tack, from halters to bridles, and a massive range of riding apparel, including top brands like F.O.A.L, Kerrits, Ovation and more. They also stock other rider essentials like helmets and boots, and offer brands at a range of price points to meet every rider need.

PC | Insta - @EquestrianFactoryOutlet

PC | Insta – @EquestrianFactoryOutlet

Equestrian Factory Outlet (Booth #1809)

EFO’s also got a great range of rider clothing, and some horse accessories as well. Stocking a range of casual and competition apparel, you can find great brands like Anky, Cavallo, Petrie, and EIS. Prices at EFO vary by brand, and some products may definitely be more in the drool worthy range (depending on your budget), but there are always some great deals to be found — so don’t let the high end brand names scare you away!

The Tack Shoppe of Collingwood (Booth #1811)


PC | Insta – @TheTackShoppe

Your must stop fashion hotspot at the Royal, you’ll find some of your favourite big name brands, and many of the great small ones too. They’ve got some of the latest from Phyllis Stein, Spiced Equestrian, and even some Sport Horse Lifestyle Exclusives. Want to style up your #ROOTDs (and even your #OOTDs), then be sure to check TSOC out.

Bahr Saddlery (Booth #716)

We were a little saddened to see that Bahr’s booth seemed to be smaller than it has been in previous years, but they’ve still managed to cram a ton of equestrian awesome in nonetheless. From cute ornaments for Christmas to hot equestrian fashion items (like C4 belts), your bound to find something to love in this booth.

To Drool Over

Okay, so these booths may be way out of most people’s budgets (ours included), but that doesn’t mean you can’t swing by and dream about all the nice things you could have … one day (when you win the lottery).

Dubarry of Ireland (Booth #2208)

Dubarry Galway boots are almost a equestrian fashion staple, and almost instantly recognizable. Never has a farm boot oozed so much high class or channeled the English countryside so well. A girl can dream right?

Antares Saddle (Booth #2009)

There are alot of saddle makers out there, and quite a variety of them at the Royal (including CWD,Butet, and Schleese), and each company has its pros and cons. Antares made this list not only because their saddles are lovely (having ridden in one – I can swear by it), but their booth is always fool of can’t help but drool over it tack. Saddles are always expensive, that likely will never change, and for some reason the higher the price tag the more we seem to love them (though Antares does have some awards to back up their quality).

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