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B2 poster (2)Some of you may recognize this product from Issue 3, where we first advertised it. For this week’s Friday Feature, we thought we would share a product we think is a great idea.

Horses, as every equestrian knows, are a massive investment, and ensuring they remain safe and happy is always a priority. But as everyone knows, sometimes we can’t be there watching their every move. Luckily, technology has arisen that gives us the ability to watch our horses from afar, and one such product is Trailer Eyes®.

The B2 model of Trailer Eyes is 5.8 GHz, with a range of up to 1200 ft. It is a wireless camera system, with two booster antennas to boost signal and push through environmental interference.  The camera itself is weatherproof, with a steel clamp base, and infrared (night vision) capabilities.

There is also a smaller, less powerful option available, the TE-0912. This model is 2.4 GHz, and is recommended for use in a trailer that is 45 feet or less, or in settings where the distance between house and barn is 400 feet or less.

Despite the name, this product isn’t limited to use in trailering, it can also be used to monitor foaling (or calving), horses in the barn, horses outside in pasture, or simply to monitor your outbuildings. It really is a multi use system.

Everything you need for set up comes in the box. The B2 model retails for approximately $389.00 CAN ($369 USD), while the lower end 2.4GHz model retails for $289 CAN ($219 USD)


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