In a sport that is heavily focused on tradition, it can be hard to represent your personal style. The go-to way for riders to show some flair, has always been in their sock choices. Sock It To Me stands out, designing unique socks that are thicker than sheer boot socks.

“Sock It to Me is a business that sells fun, funky socks. We are talking about knee high socks with ninjas, unicorns, and monkeys; mens socks with mustaches, monsters, and beer. With over 200 different sock designs, there is something for every personality, from punk rock to peacock and everything in between.”


I first came across these fun socks at Gallops Saddlery in Oregon. I left my shopping trip with blue socks with rainbows, pink socks with mustaches, and socks with lucky clovers. Since then, Canada’s infamous Dapple Gray has also begun selling these wild socks!

While sheer socks are always a sure bet, Socks It to Me offers a few extra benefits. These socks are made of cotton, polyester, and spandex and offer added warmth in the cold, winter months. Wearing Sock It to Me socks, you no longer have to worry about frozen feet while you ride! I have also found these socks help to extend the life of my tall boots.

Whether you prefer blue whales, gnomes, mushrooms, or even dinosaurs, Sock It to Me has the perfect socks to represent your style!!


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