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PS Card CroppedI first came across Phyllis Stein Clothing through Shop Dapple Gray, and I’ll admit that now I’m hooked.

To date I have the luxury of owning two Phyllis Stein shirts, and they have to be the two most beloved pieces of clothing in my wardrobe.

Phyllis Stein T-shirts are for the discerning and fashionable equestrian with a bit of rock and roll flair.  These shirts stand out, they are unique and innovative, and sure to impress. With limited runs offered on many products, there is always something new to be had, keeping things fresh and moving forward.

Each shirt is made from high quality fabrics (bamboo, bamboo/cotton blend, organic cotton) and are printed with high quality ink. I can attest that these are some of the softest shirts I have ever owned; they not only look great (super flattering) but are super comfortable to wear. I find they are light weight, as well as breathable, and the colours hold up well even after multiple washings. I’ve also yet to see any cracking in the printing on either of my shirts, both of them still look like new.

For the quality of the product you receive, and the care that goes into making it, the prices of each shirt are fairly reasonable. Most shirts retail for $39.99 CAN, with some exceptions. In terms of equestrian clothing products I find these prices actually quite cheap, as I know I’ve paid almost double that price for other equestrian shirts from other companies.

I do find that because the shirts are specifically designed to be flattering, and thus quite fitted, the sizes do tend to run small. Depending on how tight you would like the shirt to fit, I would recommend ordering a size up.

Shirts can be purchased directly from the Phyllis Stein Website, or from a selection of North American Stockists.

Check it out:

Twitter: @RockTheStein


My first Phyllis Stein purchase was a limited edition purple v-neck from Shop Dapple Gray.

My second Phyllis Stein Shirt, "The Hunt Coat"

My second Phyllis Stein Shirt, “The Hunt Coat”

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