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mbc business cardI recently discovered My Barn Child through Shop Dapple Gray, and must say I’m in love with their wide range of products. Its jewellery that’s both “hunter classy and jumper sassy”, as their Facebook page states, and I have to say I agree. From simple charms for boots & bridles to little horse shaped dust covers (for your cellphone’s headphone jack), they’ve got something to fit every equestrian taste!

My Barn Child is a great little Canadian Company that produces fun (and fabulous!) accessories for horse and rider. You may have noticed we featured them briefly in last week’s Summer Must Haves for your Horse. Since I’m particularly in love with their boot, bridle, and braid charms I thought it only fair to give My Barn Child their very own full Friday Feature. They’re fashionable, fun, creative, and inspirational, all things The Eloquent Equine celebrates (and loves)!

From bridles, to boots, to zippers, and more, there’s no limit to how you can accessorize with My Barn Child’s range of adorable accessories. There is an extraordinarily vast range of charms to choose from, from little jewelled crowns, to cupcakes, to inspirational/motivational statements. There are also a range of necklaces and earrings, and occasionally other items for sale (check their Facebook page for up to date product listings).mybarnchildcharms2

I’m particularly fond of the circular ‘Never Give Up’ and ‘Live your Dream’ charms. They are a great motivational message you can carry with you just about anywhere. Stick them on your boot zippers and you’ll get some inspiration every time you zip them up, or put them on your horses bridle, and during those frustrating riding moments you’ll have a little inspiration to keep you going.

So whether you’re looking to add a bit of bling to your look, or looking for something simple to showcase your personal style, My Barn Child is likely to have something for you.

My Barn Child products are available from a selection of stockists, or by emailing them directly. Also make sure to regularly check their Facebook page for more information on current (and new) products.

Twitter: @MyBarnChild

*Note: All images contained within this post are © My Barn Child, and are used for reference purposes only.

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