EIS001-2EIS (Equi In Style) Cool Shirt’s are the new rage on the circuit! These long-sleeved tops not only protect you from UV rays, but they also help to keep you cool during summer months. Unlike other warmer show shirts, these are machine washable and do not shrink. EIS produces these tops in youth, men’s, and women’s sizes, all moisture wicking, and allowing the rider a full range of motion.

EIS tops come in over 15 fun colors, such as palooza and seabreeze, and provide the equivalent protection of wearing SPF 50 sunscreen. These tops are not only perfect for training around the barn, but are also acceptable in the show ring. I have seen countless riders competing in jumper divisions wearing EIS tops. EIS Cool Shirts are made in theimg-thing USA and can be found both in the states and from select Canadian distributors, such as Blueberry Hill.

EIS uses IceFil technology, which helps decrease body temperate by 5 degrees in hot and humid weather. The mesh panel down the arm also helps to increase air flow, providing another cooling factor. Although these tops help keep you cool, the long sleeves are useful in cooler weather and look sharp under a show jacket.

I recently purchased an EIS Cool Shirt in grey and hot pink. The hot pink lines the collar, as well as the zipper. Because these tops are so popular, I had to go on a search to find the one I wanted. Now that I have one and love it, I just want more!

I highly recommend these tops if you are looking for a new riding or workout top. Keep an eye on this company as they release new colours every year!


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  1. dianaennals@hotmail.com'
    Diana Ennals

    My granddaughter borrowed one of the shirts from a friend for her horse show, she absolutely loved it. We live in Victoria BC and was wondering where we might purchase one, are they available on line.

    • theeloquentequine@gmail.com'

      The company that produces these shirts is Equi in Style, it is an American company and they do sell their shirts on their website (http://www.equiinstyle.com/). Their site also lists all their in store retailers as well.

      Hope that helps!


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