On this fabulous Friday, we here at The Eloquent Equine wanted to share with you some great new features that will soon be making their début on this shiny new site of ours.

Inspiration is what we’re all about, and we want to share what products inspire us and you! There are a wide range of amazing horse & rider products out there, and we just want to help spread the love and share some of these items with our readers.

Firstly, we’re launching a new Featured Product section, featuring  items from equestrian brands you may or may not have heard of. Some of these will be Editor’s picks, but we also want you, our readers, to contribute. If you know of a great company or great product you’d love to share, send us an email and let us know. Send us a brief description of the product, the company that produces it, and why you believe other equestrians should check it out. You can drop us an email at theeloquentequine@gmail.com

Also, we want to promote that we offer 100% free and independent product reviews for interested businesses. More information can be found on our Advertising Page.

Happy Friday!

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