This November marks five years of marriage for me and my hubby. In the way of most good things, it somehow seems like yesterday while also feeling like forever ago. We sat down after the wedding and made a five-year-plan. We both wanted to live on land, and neither one of us saw the point of a starter home in Toronto when we could just get our forever life home and acreage with a bit more time and planning.

Unfortunately, the red-hot market has  spilled over into our prefered area and our five-year-plan doesn’t look as smart as it did four years ago. It sucks on a bunch of levels, but mostly because the idea of being able to look out my office window and see Star running around like an idiot is something I want very badly. It will keep, I think, this dream.

Some won’t though. I have a very hard cutoff involving my age and pregnancy. It’s something we agreed to early on, and means that 2017 is the last chance if we want to make our family of three (plus a dog and pony) into four.

That logically brings up the idea of what will happen with my riding. I won’t know for sure until I’m there, but I feel like I will continue to ride for the first few months. But what after? I can’t leave Star unridden for six months. And that, my friends, leads me to a whole other dream.

I’ve already gotten Star pedigree approved to breed with the Swedish Warmblood Association of North America (SWANA). I’d like to have her inspected by Rheinland Pfalz-Saar International (RPSI) in the summer and, depending on how well or poorly she does, perhaps The Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society (GOV) as well. Any foal I bred would be intended for me, but it’s stupid not to have a worst case scenario backup and papers from a warmblood society certainly couldn’t hurt.

So maybe you’ve guessed it already, but I’ll tell you anways…

I have a dream to get Star in foal with a lovely homozygous Tobiano stud. I dream about a bay and white baby with a fuzzy pink nose, that will grow into my custom made jumper.

Star and I have a lot of years left together. I like to dream of those years and all the adventures in between. But for now, I have something a bit better. I get to live them.

Christine Sharpe is a Canadian who grew up riding Hunter/Jumper in the Southern USA. Now living in Toronto, she is a thirty-something who is recently back to riding after four years off and having her first child. Christine is aiming her new Thoroughbred mare, Star, toward the Trillium Jumper Circuit in 2016. She struggles daily to juggle family, work, and her equine lifestyle, with occasional success.

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