DIY Equine Inspired Craft Ideas and Products

This week’s Friday Feature is all about DIY ideas and products, all with an equestrian flair. Whether its repurposing old tack or toys, with a little creativity you can give many of your old (and often beloved) objects a face lift and new life.

 Model Horse Photo Holders


Photo | The Eloquent Equine


Dusty old mini model horses, every horse crazy individual is sure to have a few lurking about in a closet or storage space. Give those little guys new life with a bit of paint and wire, no advanced crafting skills required. You can get extra creative, like we did, by adding some chalkboard paint and making a business card/photo holder that you can also draw on! Learn more about how to make one for yourself by checking out our tutorial here.






Chalkboard Horses


Photo | HoundstoothDesign

We’ve all got a horse model or two that’s seen better days. Maybe it’s that beloved Breyer you played with for days on end and just can’t bear to part with, scuffed up and worn around the edges, or maybe it’s a sad little model you couldn’t help but save from the second hand store. Either way, I’m sure many people have a plastic model or two that need to be inspired with new life. So pull out the sand paper and the chalkboard paint and go to town! Not unlike our Model Horse Business Card holders, with some careful sanding and a little paint, well you can breathe new life into an old and forgotten toy, and design yourself up a great new office accessory.

Or, if you’re not feeling particularly crafty, you could also purchase a pre-made one. Check out a range of Chalkboard Horses available from Houndstooth Design, the original chalkboard horse!



Curb Chain Bracelet(s)


Photo | Dappled Grey

Our next DIY project comes from Dappled Grey, and it’s an easy way to make a snazzy new accessory with some simple ingredients. With a curb chain, embroidery floss, and a clasp you can make a shiny new bracelet that reflects your inner fashionista while also repurposing some old tack.

You can find the full tutorial on the Dappled Grey website, or by clicking here.




Horse Shoe Art

Horse shoes are one item that tends to collect by the bucketful in barns, and you’ve sure to come across a pile or two in your equestrian exploits over the years. If you’re a barn or horse owner, you’re sure to have a collection (or two or three) building somewhere, in a hidden corner of the tack room, or the trunk of your car. There one of those items you really have no use for, but can’t seem to part yourself from. So why not get crafty?

From simple crafts involving paint and ribbon you can make some neat little artifacts or gifts to hang around the barn. Or, for the serious crafter, you could always pull out some heavy artillery and power tools and make some really inventive projects like boot stands and coat/bridle racks. A quick internet search can turn up a range of unique and innovative ways to breathe new life into a dusty old set of horse shoes.

Just make sure you play it safe, you don’t want to burn the barn down when experimenting with a blow torch or welding equipment.


Ribbon Pillows & Quilts


Photo | The Eloquent Equine

If you’ve shown for any length of time, you’ve surely got boxes and/or walls chock full of old ribbons. Horse Show ribbons can hold a great deal of sentimental value, but they can also take up a great amount of wall space as well. If you love your ribbons but don’t have the space to showcase them all, why not make yourself a ribbon pillow or quilt! Get inventive and bust out that sowing machine to make something awe inspiring. It’s also a great way to showcase your achievements, without coating the walls of your room.

If you don’t have the sewing skills to take on the task yourself, there are a wide range of individuals who are willing and able to produce custom ribbon pillows and quilts for you.

There are tons of different ways to get creative with your old horse gear and discarded childhood toys, if you’ve got a great idea of a DIY project, we’d love to hear it!

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