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DLC_logo_new Its all about the accessories, a good accessory can make your ensemble pop or glam up an otherwise dull outfit. Accessories are also one way to allow your personal style to shine through the sometimes stringent apparel guidelines set by the disciplines for showing.

Enter De La Coeur, a company specializing in custom fly veils for your horse. They not only provide riders with the option to express their personal style tastes, but offer a way to give your horse a bit of style and flair.

Based out of Oakville, ON (CAN), De Le Coeur offers a variety of custom and ready-made fly bonnets for all your fashion needs. Their products are 100% hand made in Canada, and reflect a clear dedication to consistently producing high quality products for the equine consumer. The quality is r


Ready Made Black Bonnet with Triple Crystals

Despite being built to shine in the show ring, De Le Coeur fly veils are also built to last, and built to fit. With various sizing options, each veil can be made to fit, regardless of your horses head size.  Ready-made bonnets a built with generous space for ears, and have the option of stretch fabric for the ears to optimize the comfort of your equine partner.

If you are unable to find a ready-made style that fits your tastes, De La Coeur encourages you to place a custom order. While custom orders require extra time for production, each order is built to fit your design needs. Custom orders allow you to select the shape of the bonnet, the size, and all the extras you could possibly dream of – from a wide range of base colours, coloured cording, crystals, logos, charms and more! You can truly create the fly veil of your dreams. Prices for custom orders vary depending on the size of the veil, and all the extras.


Blue Bonnet with square front and red and white trim

Prices for ready-made bonnets also vary depending on the product, with prices typically starting at $95.

They also offer a unique and innovative sound proofing option for the ears of their fly veils. This option removes the need to stuff your horse’s ears by muffling sound using a high tech lining that also blocks wind. This allows horse to focus on their jobs, and not on the sounds around them (or those unpleasant ear plugs).

De La Coeur fly veils are available online, and from a variety of stockist in Canada, the U.S, and the U.K.

For more information, make sure to check out the De La Coeur website.

Twitter: @De_La_Coeur


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