Leslie Howard (USA) & Utah

Leslie Howard (USA) & Utah

Toronto, ON (Nov 13) – Its been a tough week of competition for the international Jumpers and Friday night was no exception. The $50,000 “WESTON” Canadian Open saw a field of 21 riders, representing 6 countries, take on a tight 12 fence course designed by England’s Richard Jeffery.  Time allowed was 72 seconds and the height was set at 1.50m.

Rails dropped quick for many riders, and early in the competition it became clear it was going to be a tight race to the finish line. Riders need to be fast and clean, even with some very tight turns and combinations.

In the end only two riders went clear, Belgium’s Nicola Philippaerts aboard H&M Harley VD Bisschop and American rider Leslie Howard aboard Utah.

Here’s the top five scores from the Weston:

  1. Nicola Philippaerts (BEL) & H&M Harley VD Bisschop, 0 faults 59.83 seconds
  2. Leslie Howard (USA) & Utah, 0 faults 64.04 seconds
  3. McLain Ward (USA) & HH Carlos Z, 4 faults 55.82 seconds
  4. Francois Mathy (BEL) & Polinska des Isles, 4 faults 58.34 seconds
  5. Charlie Jacobs (USA) & Cassinja S, 4 faults 59.58 seconds

American riders Laura Kraut, Reed Kessler, and Beezie Madden placed 25, 11, and 12th (respectively).

IMG_20151113_185620Canadian riders Lisa Carlsen, Christian Sorenson, Erynn Ballard, Jill Henselwood,Jonathon Millar, and Ian Millar placed 18th, 15th, 20th, 13th, 16th, and 14th (respectively).   Vanessa Manix (CAN) retired after breaking a piece of tack when Carolien VH Scheefkasteel collided with fence number four, the CN Tower/Toronto Skyline wall.

Also showcased in Friday evening’s Royal Horse Show was the Percheron Six Horse Hitch, an impressive display of horsepower that ultimately saw 6 hitches taking over the Ricoh. The hitch from All Star Farms, owned by Doyle Dingman & Nick Wagner Families, and driven by Ross Honsberger took the first place ribbon. 

The ponies took over the ring early on in the Royal Horse Show with the Welsh Pleasure Driving (Ladies) class, Whelsh Champion of Champions, as well as the Roadster Pony Championship, and Hackney Pony Championship.

Lola was also on hand tweeting her adventures, and will be doing so again today so be sure to gallop on over to Twitter (@EloquentEquine) to check it out and join in on the fun!


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