From this week forward, we are temporarily making the Friday Feature a bi-weekly post. So there will be no Feature tomorrow, but there will be next week!

Why is this happening ?

We hate having to scale content back, but at this time we simply don’t have the manpower for full time regular posts. As much as all of us here love writing and designing materials for both the magazine, and this lovely little website, everyone who makes up The Eloquent Equine team have a variety of other full time roles/jobs. And as often happens, unfortunately life sometimes gets in the way.

We’ve also recently received some very constructive feedback from some of our readers and contributors, and as we move forward after our one year anniversary, have decided to take some time to re-assess how we bring you content, and what we publish. We want content that inspires and engages our readers, so we’ve decided to step back and re-consider our plan of action.

On top of that, we’re busily working away to prepare for our two upcoming (back to back) issues scheduled for November and December.

So we ask that you, dear readers, be patient with us during this hectic time. Hold tight, and before you know it we’ll be back full swing with lots of exciting developments. Not to mention, two new issues!

So stay tuned!

The Friday Feature will return with an all new product review next week, OCTOBER 11

Stay Tuned for our recap of the exciting events at Ontario Has Talent’s Horsepower x 2 “Where horsepower meets” Fundraising event this weekend.

For more information on our upcoming issues, check out our post The Royal Winter Fair, a Fashion Spectacular, and so much more!

If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can continue to improve our content, drop us a message on Facebook, or send as an email (

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