FIRSTBDAY On this very day, a full year ago, the very first issue of The Eloquent Equine hit the internet. A lot has happened, and a good deal has changed since that first teeny tiny issue made its début, but I am proud at how far this little creation has come.

This little publication, initially branded as the horse magazine ‘with creative flair’, was a pipe dream of mine, born after a discussion in one of my seminars during Grad school. It became a reality when Issue #1 (Eloquence) was published on ISSUU on August 13th, and we’ve continue to develop from there.

Though we may still be small, our content has expanded over each issue, and our look as evolved into something I hope all are readers find classy, inspiring, and innovative. We’ve now also possess this wonderful new site, with great content to keep you entertained between each issue.

So thanks to all of you who have been with us since the beginning, and even to those of you who may be coming to us for the first time. You’re what helps make this little magazine great, and we promise to continue to bring you inspiring and innovative content for the year to come!


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