Its Canada Day!

So, being ourselves proud Canadians, we wanted to wish our fellow Canadian readers a Happy Canada Day.

canadian flag

Canada is known for producing a great many Canadian things (beavers, maple syrup etc etc), but we thought’d we’d share a few Canadian equestrian things we have to be proud of:

The Canadian Horse: yes, thats right, Canada has its very own breed of horse. The breed descended from French stock, and first appeared in Canada in the 17th century. Typically brown, black , or bay in colour the breed has influenced many other North American Breeds including the Morgan, American Saddlebred and Standardbred. Over the years the breed came close to extinction (on more then one occasion), but is now once again growing in popularity.

Great Atheletes: Eric Lamaze, Ashley Holzer, Ian Millar, the list goes on. Canada has produced some amazing Equestrian athletes who are at the top of the sport. Heck, Ian Miller (Captain Canada) has been to 10 Olympic Games!

Northern Dancer: On the subject of great Canadian horses and athletes, we can’t forget Northern Dancer. The little horse who no one seemed to want (he didn’t sell at the yearling auction) went on to be not only a great racehorse, but one of the most prestigious sires in racing history. He was born in 1961 at Windfields Farm (in Oshawa, ON, CAN), and in his short career won 14 of his 18 races, and never once finished below third place. Many of the top thoroughbreds in sport have Northern Dancer in their bloodlines, a testament to just how powerful this bay horse from Canada truly was.

Safety First: Canadian Dressage riders were the first to don helmets in the show ring.

Events/Places: We’ve got Spruce Meadows, Bromont, and The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Three great venues that not only bring together but showcase the very best in Equestrian Sport (on a national and international scale).

So to all our Canadian readers out there enjoy your Canada Day!

Sit back, enjoy the fireworks, the sun, or some much needed time with your horse! Its a great day to be Canadian.

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