Building A Confident Relationship

One of the most unique relationships in the world that you will ever develop, is the one that you have with your horse. Doesn’t matter if you own one, just bought one, or have 10.

It truly gives you the ability to love, develop, mature, and learn for a lifetime.

Confidence is often talked about, but seldom planned for. Making a plan before you enter the ring sets yourself up for success.

Are you trying to achieve an outcome, that often fails?  How many times have I heard in the ring: not enough leg, wrong diagonal, or not counting strides. What happened? We failed to communicate correctly.

Be Proactive and Make a Plan.

Top 3 Distractions

  1. Be here in the moment. Collect yourself. Clear any negative thoughts, be in the here and now. Know your objectives.
  2. Check your environment.  Are there noise distractions? Is your horse distracted by others in the ring?  Are you making your horse nervous?
  3. Feeling judged by others. This is one of the most difficult and often the most difficult to address. Whether it’s performance anxiety at shows or just practicing. It isn’t what gets in your way, you do! The only opinion that counts is what you think, or an opinion that is asked for.

It’s the failure, sacrifice, hard work, dedication, discipline, and persistence that is often unseen.  It is in the pursuit of a well-rounded rider, possessing all of these attributes, that success pays off. Remember it’s the journey of each and every ride that brings a positive and solid foundation for both of you to continue to build upon.

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