Belle & Bow Equestrian

1000865_212540252236718_1590843630_nThere is no denying it. Everyone loves watching pony riders in the show arena ride around with giant bows in their hair. There is a short window in a rider’s life where they can show with braids flying out of their helmet and still look cute.

Belle & Bow Equestrian based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida takes advantage of the pony years by creating unique and custom hair bows to show off in the ring. Stacie, founder of Belle & Bow Equestrian, began making bows when her younger cousin needed a pair for her very first lead line class at The Hampton Classic. Stacie states, “I thought that all children should have the opportunity to have something fun to wear in the show ring, so I started Belle and Bow Equestrian.” These bows can be bought in bulk, pre-made individually off the website, or you can even custom order them to match your personal style. Bows are also personalized with pony pictures, charms, and the names of horses or riders. Their bows also come in different sizes. There are long bows, which trail behind young girls as they canter around a course, and they also make “shorties.”

Personally, my favorite aspect of Belle & Bow Equestrian are the Rescue Bows. When Rescue Bows are purchased, a portion of the profits are donated to Danny and Ron’s Rescue for the Dogs. These bows come in both shortie and the original, longer length.

Belle & Bow Equestrian recently began creating bows for particular horse shows. This year the company created special ribbons for US Pony Finals. These red, white, and blue ribbons stand out with the US Pony Finals Logo printed on the ribbon tail.12341_212519275572149_1460924744_n

Bow or no bow, Pony riders are adorable and always a joy to watch. Belle & Bow Equestrian is an endearing way to help your child stand out in the ring and catch the eyes and hearts of everyone. These bows are a way of bringing people back to their childhood, galloping on ponies with ribbons in their hair.

Belle & Bow Equestrian is found online at, on Facebook by searching Belle & Bow Equestrian, and on Twitter @Bnbeq. Make sure to check out the Facebook page daily for the most recent bows and to see what shows to find Belle & Bow at!




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