A New Level of Tough (& cuteness) [Royal Recap]

IMG_1475 (1)It was a packed house in the Ricoh Coliseum on Royal Day # 3 for the Ontario Toyota Dealer’s Rodeo. Always a crowd favorite, some of the best cowboys and cowgirls go head to head in Rodeo competition, from saddle broncs to bulls to barrels and pole bending.  The event was hosted by Amber Marshall (known for her role as Amy Fleming in CBC’s Heartland) and veteran announcer Ross Millar. Competition was intense and fast as throughout the afternoon. The cowgirls rode with mere tenths of a second to differentiate their scores, and the cowboys did their very best to simply stay on their mounts. The bucking horses were feeling especially feisty, making the catch riders do double duty as many of them often simply refused to return to the pens after their ride — and instead gallivanted around the ring, on occasion almost taking out Amber and Ross watching on horseback from the sidelines. The bulls actually looked tame in comparison!

IMG_0909 (1)The highlight of the afternoon definitely goes to Ty Parkinson, who rode the buck off to break the tie (and take the victory) with a broken hand. Only moments before he took a tough hit, getting his hand caught in the rope when he came off the bull after his eight seconds. While able to eventually free himself, he took a few good spins, and the crowd was informed that he’d broken his right hand (his riding hand). When the scores came in, and it went to a ‘buck-off’, Ty told them to “tape it up” — he was going to ride with his left hand. He rode through the pain and showed the audience the meaning of cowboy tough, a decision that earned him the buckle and the top prize.

If that wasn’t excitement enough, on top of thrilling rodeo competition there was also the regular staple of exhibitions, including trick riding, the Canadian Cowgirls, and mini chuck wagons. Yes, the tough rodeo scene was over run for several minutes with the cutest teams of chuck wagons you likely will ever see, we couldn’t help but share (they were so cute!).

The crowd was tasked with cheering these pint sized champions on – the louder the crowd, the fast they ran! And ran the did, doing their best to maneuver around posts and cones (sometimes just plowing them over), it was quite entertaining to watch these pint size team fill the ring with their speed and personality.

IMG_1269 (1)

Want to see just how cute they were … well you’re in luck because we’ve got a video!


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