So AUGUST 2014 officially marked our 2 year anniversary. Its really hard to believe we’ve been around that long, and I am honestly super proud of us. We’re still the little magazine with big dreams, some of which are being realized day by day.

I want to say thank you to all our supporters, contributors, readers, featured riders and business, guest bloggers, volunteers, and just everyone who has been along for this crazy ride.

For those of you wonder where our much hyped August Anniversary issue is … we’ve got some good news and some bad news.

Good news: we’re still planning a super jam packed Anniversary issue (and its going to be awesome). We’ll be catching up with old friends to see what some of our past featured riders and businesses have been up to, as well as presenting you with lots of great new things as well.

Bad news: You are going to have to wait a few more weeks to see it 🙁

Being a small company means that sometimes complications come up, and as a result of trying to develop so much awesome new content, we’ve had to move deadlines around a bit. Apparently two issues in August was a bit too ambitious for us (our apologies!)

But stay tuned, in only a few weeks, we will be launching our fabulous Anniversary issue (just in September – and not August 🙂 ).

Oh, and if that’s not fabulous enough, check out what else we’ve got in store for you this fall:

– An all new series of HoofNotes
– Even more Infographics
– A brand new photo clinic series
– plus some other (super secret) surprises

So happy long weekend, and stay tuned for so much more awesome from all of us here at The Eloquent Equine.


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