L_RoyalWinterFair_wDate_Vert_BlkSo to celebrate the fast approaching Royal, we thought we’d share the top 25 Reasons we here at The Eloquent Equine love the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair!

  1. Horses, horses, and even more horses.
  2. It’s like Christmas in November.
  3. The Food. Where else can you get potato Rosti, pulled pork parfaits, and perogies all in one place?
  4. The exhibitions. There are always unique and innovative exhibitions for spectators to enjoy, from last year’s Dressage in the Dark quadrille, to this year’s demonstration by renowned horsewoman Sylvia Zerbini
  5. Wide range of equestrian disciplines. You can sample and enjoy just about every variety of equestrian sport there is, from dressage to show jumping, halter classes, pony hunters, cup classes, driving (Green meadows, road pony, draft horse hitches, etc.), and rodeo.
  6. Good times with friends. Whether you come to the fair with lifelong friends or your best barn buddies, or simply made new friends while touring the exhibits, there is always fun to be had and a friendly atmosphere to enjoy with individuals with similar interests.
  7. Giant Vegetables.
  8. Variety (it’s the spice of life isn’t it?). Even if you’re not a fan of agricultural pursuits or horses, the range of vendors and displays guarantee you’ll still have great day out.
  9. Location, Location, Location. The fair is a massive event located it a convenient urban setting, accessible by most major forms of transit.
  10. Did we mention horses?
  11. The President’s Choice Superdogs!
  12. It’s a whole week long. If ever you needed an overdose of equestrian themed awesomeness, this is it!
  13. Lions, and tigers, and bears … oh my! Ok, well not quite, but the Royal does have cows, and goats, and sheep, and chickens, and
    Royal 2013 Official Poster Image credit: The RAWF

    Royal 2013 Official Poster
    Image credit: The RAWF


  14. History. Did you know that the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair has been around since 1922? Last year they celebrated their 90th anniversary!
  15. The Hitching Ring Café & Bar, located in the Lower West Annex. Enjoy a drink or a meal while watching your favourite horse and rider combinations warm up. Who could ask for more?
  16. The Bit & Bridle Pub, located on the 2nd floor of the horse palace (east end). Not only is it a great environment, and a real hot spot for the horse crowd, in our opinion they have the best grilled cheese ever.
  17. Sheer wealth of knowledge. The royal is one place where you will be able to find an answer to almost any agricultural question you may have. Whether its learning about various cattle breeds, how crops are produced, even how to sculpt out of butter, you are not only likely to find someone who is an expert on the matter, but who is also more than willing to share their knowledge.
  18. Tech Savvy. Can’t make it to your favourite horse show performance? Not local enough to experience the fair in person? Have no fear, the Royal live streams all of its equine events in the Ricoh coliseum. On top of that, a strong social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) means you can keep up to date with what’s happening even when you’re not there.
  19. All your favourite tack shops in one location. There’s no need to drive all over to get the best deals and all of your favourite brands, they’re all in one place in the exhibition hall.
  20. Exhibition Ring(s). From the Spirit of the Horse ring to the new President’s Choice Animal Theatre, there is always great entertainment to be had and a great learning experience as well!
  21. Celebrities. From our favourite riders to TV personalities (like Amber Marshall from CBC’s Heartland) the Royal provides an opportunity to see great competitors and artists do what they do best.
  22.  The Horse Palace. Nothing beats the experience of slowly wandering the aisles of this massive two storey barn that is always packed with horses and ponies.
  23. Education centres. From learning how to shear sheep or milk cows, or simply how to eat healthier or cook with some great ingredients, the Royal has truck load of demonstrations and information to satisfy your curiosity. We are particularly fond of all the great recipe cards we get every year from exhibitors!
  24. Kid Friendly. Sometimes it can be hard to find an event that has great activities for adults and children alike, but this is something the Royal does well. Some of their kids’ activities like the petting zoo and EquiMania! (Presented by Equine Guelph) are even adult friendly!
  25. The environment. There is simply something about the Royal; its presence, grandeur, family atmosphere, and sheer staying power,nothing really compares.

4 days to go until the Royal hits T.O … and yes we’re counting.

Hope to see you there!

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